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Central Banks Versus Inflation: Your Questions Answered

This year has offered little shelter to investors trying to avoid downdrafts across all asset classes. Inflation has been stickier and more unpredictable than expected. The Federal Reserve and global central banks have been more hawkish as they struggle to manage inflation without creating economic harm. Global interest rates have been extremely volatile with consequences for stock valuations as equity prices and corporate earnings are cast into doubt. 

Everyone from investors to wage-earners has joined central bank policymakers in closely watching data releases to see which parts of the economy have begun responding to interest rates rising at the fastest clip in 40 years. Northern Trust hosted a webinar with clients on Sept. 28 where Katie Nixon, Chief Investment Officer for Wealth Management discussed clients’ most pressing questions with Carl Tannenbaum, Northern Trust’s Chief Economist, Chris Shipley, chief investment strategist for North America and Tim Johnson, head of portfolio solutions for global fixed income. This podcast is an excerpt from their conversation.

The group discusses:

  • How much economic pain will central banks tolerate in their efforts to control inflation? 
  • Are startling gyrations in deep and liquid markets such as currencies and global sovereign debt uncovering the potential for a financial crisis? 
  • How will we know when the stock market has reached a bottom?
  • Is the Federal Open Market Committee relying on the wrong indicators as it makes policy decisions? 


Carl Tannenbaum is the Chief Economist for Northern Trust. He briefs clients and colleagues on the economy and business conditions, prepares the bank’s official economic outlook and participates in forecast surveys. Before joining Northern Trust, Carl spent four years leading the Federal Reserve’s risk section. He was deeply involved in the central bank’s response to the 2008 financial crisis, helped to create and conduct its stress testing program, and advised senior Federal Reserve leaders on developments in banking and the financial markets.

Christopher Shipley is head of fundamental equities at Northern Trust Asset Management, where he oversees the firm’s fundamental equity research and portfolio management efforts. Chris is a voting member of the firm’s Tactical Asset Allocation Committee and Investment Policy Committee. He is also co-portfolio manager of the Northern Global Tactical Asset Allocation Fund.

Tim Johnson is the Head of Portfolio Solutions and member of the global fixed income team at Northern Trust Asset Management. In this capacity, Timothy heads three key groups within global fixed income: our passive/index business, portfolio construction, and quantitative research. In addition, Timothy is also a member of the Fixed Income Strategy Committee, a group that formulates the fixed income platform’s strategic macroeconomic and investment themes that in turn informs overall strategy, risk budgeting and portfolio construction across all fixed income portfolios.